Low Pressure Roof Cleaning and Soft WashingLow pressure roof cleaning

Why should I get my roof cleaned, I didn’t even know it was dirty? Is a common question that gets asked on client consultations. Often times the homeowner or property manager is not even aware that there is mold, lichen or algae growing on their shingles. A little here and there is no big deal but when you start seeing green patches or black streaks coming down your roof then it is time to get the microbes under control. Having an excess buildup of algae on your roof is not only unsightly it can be costly to your wallet. Some insurance companies require roof cleanings as these organisms can break down your shingles prematurely and can cause your roof to leak or rare cases fall in. The best way to keep these little guys in check is to keep their reproduction in check with regular roof cleanings. This not only keeps the algae,moss and lichen at bay and the insurance guy happy, it is a great selling point when getting ready to sell your home. A clean roof just looks better and makes the rest of the houses lines “pop”.

When trying to decide on a company to clean your roof follow these simple guidelines to insure that you get the best possible result:

  • If possible find a company that performs soft washing or low pressure roof cleaning instead of high pressure cleaning. Sometimes with high pressure you can do more damage to a roof than the algae can.
  • See if the company is using chemicals that are biodegradable. This isn’t a must but it will help the remaining chemicals on your roof and surrounding areas break down much faster and result in a safer home and environment.
  • See if they are able to identify why your home is getting the mold,algae or lichen in the first place. Some times things such as overhanging tree limbs can be cut back to improve sunlight and airflow.

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