When you are considering contracting for Lakeland pressure washing services, there are certain factors you must be aware of in advance.

As an example, if you have an architectural shingle roof and they are insisting on using high pressure on it, you may reconsider and seek other services. The fact of the matter is that an older roof subject to improper use of water pressure can wind up in worse shape then if it hadn’t been serviced at all! On the Lakeland pressure washing jobs that we carry out, we use only low, or no pressure to achieve our goals. Yes, there is certainly a place and a time for high pressure to be put to use, but the situations involved have to call for it. You will want your Lakeland contractor to satisfactorily answer your questions regarding just what pressure they will be using on your home and specifically why!

The Chemicals Which They Use Have To Be The Correct Ones

If a contractor is not extremely careful of which chemicals they will be using on the job, as well as how carefully they are put to use, potential results can truly be disastrous. Are they using Sugar? Baking Soda? Acetic Acid? Lactic Acid? Bleach? Unless you inquire beforehand, you are never going to know. The fact is that just a small amount of chemical along with a little pressure, will go a long way. This is primarily because of the fact of just how it is used as opposed to just how much is actually used. As an example, there are two different ways that algae can come off of a roof. The first way is to employ extremely high pressure and continue blasting the layers that are stained until they are gone. Way number two is to employ the correct chemical in the proper amount, wait a few moments and then, using low pressure, wash everything negative away without causing other damages to the roof. Our professional team takes great pride in carefully examining your property, then ascertaining both the correct chemicals to use as well as the proper pressure level required to get everything perfectly done and also to make certain to keep your family totally safe.

Make Certain That All Waste Water Is Handled Correctly

If not properly taken care of and paid attention to, improper handling of waste water containing chemicals can and will be a problem. All competent and reliable companies have specific plans pre-designed to best address this matter. One of the most popular ways is to make certain the chemicals used are in fact biodegradable and safe for both the planet and its occupants. The truth is that 100% of the water used will not be able to be gotten up by the contractor so it is vital that anything which is left behind be as safe as it possibly can be. For you, your home and your planet, the chemicals used by RCN are truly only the safest ones possible!

Liability Insurance For Pressure Washing Contractor

It is so vitally important that you make certain to carefully check the insurance and the licensing of any contenders for the job. This is truly so important.

If anything does go wrong and the contractor is not properly insured, the homeowner’s insurance will be footing all costs and expenses involved. You do not want to get involved in that. In dealing with us, you will know that we have all the necessary insurance and licensing that is required!

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