All decks look great when they are first built. But, time and weather will break the wood down to nothing if proper maintenance is not done to ensure the wood is kept in optimal condition. Having a deck cleaned and pressure washed correctly and regularly can have a big impact on the expected life of the deck, its appearance and the structural integrity of the wood. A lot of the times a bi-annual cleaning and pressure washing followed by a sealant every 2-4 years will carry your deck through decades of enjoyment for you and your family.squirrel sitting on Deck newly pressure washed

We use the most environmentally safe and effective chemicals possible to get your deck looking its best. There are two methods to getting decking clean and it will all depend on the shape of which your wood is in that we will decide the best fit for your unique situation. All decks are different and some will require extra care and attention to get to those hard to reach places and to clean up the tough spills and stains.

Mold, mildew and dirt plus weather and time are the main culprits for wear and tear when it comes to your deck. If you live near the ocean salt also plays a factor in the deterioration of your deck. Although you can not stop these things completely there are a couple of things that you can do to slow their development.

1. If you have excess water spraying onto your deck or underneath it from a leaky spigot or faulty sprinkler, try and redirect the water away from your house and deck to keep excess mold and mildew from building up as quickly.

2. Also if your yard is particularly muddy or your animals track in dirt regularly consider using a wash mat or rinsing off your feet before you get onto the deck. Excess mud and dirt can break down the protective sealant much faster.