clean concrete driveway just pressure washedWhether its sidewalks or driveways to curbs we can clean any type of concrete your home may have. We also can get out most every stain that we come across. Sometimes rust and old oil stains can be a little bit of a challenge but most of the time we have success with those as well. The best way to get your concrete its cleanest is to have a combination of both pressure and the correct chemical for the job. Too much pressure can peel off the top coat and leave the uneven rugged undercoating of the concrete left. When at all possible we try and avoid this at all costs. Our process uses enough pressure to get the job done but not enough to rip the material apart. The chemicals that we use bind to the dirt,grime and grease in the concrete and make them repel against each other, and as a result the grime washes away and the concrete beneath is unharmed. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I have sealed concrete can you treat this? We can pressures wash and clean almost every type of concrete surface, everything from sidewalks to finish stained polished decorative concrete.
  2. Are the chemicals you use safe for me and my family? Yes we only use the safest chemicals for your family and the safest for our environment.
  3. How long will this cleaning process take? Often time one to three hours, but depending on how tough or how intensive the stains are on the job it may require extra time.
  4. Do you accept credit cards? We take cash, credit cards and checks as form of payment.